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Cyberspace lets you know your Ip Address easily! By opening our site because you can find the ip address of your PC and your network card. The box that appears below it shows your current IP address.

The ip address of your Internet connection is detected on 14/6/2024 at time: 17.16.45. The Dns Ip, if dynamic, is a number that has been provisionally allocated by your ISP. In case your internet connection was dropped after our survey, your IP address may have changed. To update the current IP address and find you can click on the "Update IP" you find below.

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What is an IP address?

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The IP address is a number that uniquely identifies your computer when you connect to the Internet.

Simplifying, one could say that the ip address is the equivalent of a postal address. As this allows the postman to find the location of your house to deliver mail, so the ip address for example, allows the technician to reach your PC to make a remote technical assistance or any service which to check how your connection Internet via a command called Ping Ip. Know the logic of the functioning of the URL to the ip is useful inter alia in order to verify the operation of your DNS server.

The Ip Address is the basis of the functioning of the Internet itself since its inception. When you open your PC from any Web page address, your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.) requires that site to receive the page request and indicates the IP address to send the page. Without this address, your browser may never receive the pages and then display them on your computer.

Find the IP address is easy, just like an online service offered by cyberspace that will let you know. But how does it work? Cyberspace to tell you your ip address does nothing more than read the information sent from your browser and type in the web page you are sending.

So if you need to know your ip address, the system is very simple, just connect to and read it! Remember that your Dns Ip, if you have an internet connection with static IP but dynamic, it will change every time you connect to the Internet. To know your new address so you'll have to reconnect to read the new address that has been assigned by your ISP.

As in ordinary modem connections, cellular and broadband because your IP address changes each time you connect to the Internet, simply log on to whenever you want to know your current IP address.

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What is a dns server?

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A DNS server is a server that takes care of translating the addresses of domain names into their numeric equivalent. In fact, when a user types the address of a website, for example, your browser contacts an appropriate (Dns Ip) server that communicates the IP address needed to know where the requested page. Your browser, without knowing the IP address of the web page you want, can not know where he is, and is therefore not able to open it.

Why is it important to know what a dns server?

Know what a dns server is important, because in some cases may allow you to run the internet connection when your DNS server fails. It 'obvious that without a working DNS server your browser can not go back to where you can find the pages you want to open, and therefore could not access any site, leading you to believe that your internet connection does not get working. In these cases, putting your PC into an alternative DNS server that you are using, you might solve the problem and return to surf the Internet instantly. To this end, we report below a short list of IP addresses of DNS servers more stable and reliable that our engineers have used for years during our technical service to customers.

List of main DNS server

Infostrada (Wind)ns1.libero.it195.210.91.100
Public Dnsdns.nic.it193.205.245.5
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